Being Benefactor-centric, Relationship-based and Inquiry-driven In These Challenging Times

 Personal isolation does not have to mean social isolation. Those who believe in the shift from transactional to relational fundraising can and must continue to make connections with benefactors, lift their spirits, authentically check in on their physical and mental health. Friends do these things for friends when times are tough; and to be honest, times are tough. 

What will be remembered through all of this will be kindness and compassion. You are the human face of your organization for your benefactors. They have invested in the great good accomplished through your organizations. Stewarding their past and present gifts reinforces why benefactors chose caring and sharing with you and the cause in the first place; lifting humanity. Keep lifting colleagues. This is indeed turning money into meaning. Allowing benefactors to stay connected to a mission greater than themselves and that will echo beyond their lifetimes is a balm at this time. “Here we are, and we have helped and will help again,” is the spirit we will engender when we stay connected by email or text or phone. Don’t forget the old fashion handwritten note, those are quite surprising and delighting and unexpected these days.

 Authenticity is the master key at this time

Connect with those you feel comfortable reaching out to and who will be pleased to hear from you. Notes to those you do not know well may come off as disingenuous and might be harmful to budding relationships.

 - “Thinking of you and hoping you are safe and well and will reach out to me if I can be of any help to you.”

 -“Thinking about what you have meant to our organization and to me personally all these years. Because of your past support we are stronger and better prepared to face these challenging times.”

 -“We are not asking for your financial support at this time, but if you might consider writing a personal note to the caregivers on the front line of this fight, press here to draft a note.” 

 We did this for our hospital and got over a thousand notes in 24 hours. This allows benefactors to stay connected, to be grateful, which lifts the caregivers and those who write the notes as well.



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