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This workshop is profound. An immensely powerful contribution to the field. The workshop content – like the master content experts themselves (Hodge and Arthur) – is a delicate braiding of philosophy and truly elevated principals with the keenly focused operational processes and discipline to succeed. More powerful is that they’re not spouting theory; their data and rich stories demonstrate that they’re walking their talk. Drawing heavily on design thinking and ideation, this workshop focuses on the power of simplicity, the importance of clear thinking, concise ideas, and the ability to “see” what you mean on the back of a cocktail napkin. Transformational.”

Gary H.

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I loved everything about this workshop. The dialogue was engaging and energizing. The ideas were bright, bold, and provocative. The case studies were very helpful.

2019 workshop participant

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You learn how to look at philanthropy through an entirely different, and much larger, lens

2019 workshop participant

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You had so much information to share, and did so energetically, which allowed participants to digest a lot more than is typical at conferences. It was also helpful that you shared experiences and offered concrete examples of your lessons in real life.

2019 workshop participant

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Jim and Scott are widely acknowledged as the foremost “advancement folks” in the field. What is less appreciated is the foundational view and the diligent practices that are the cause of being the best. Their view is that everyone is fundamentally healthy and whole. Following from that view, they practice kindness and generosity to everyone both inside and outside of their office. The result is a culture almost unheard of in fundraising shops. The beneficiaries, first of all, are the benefactors, who Jim and Scott and their whole team value as worthy humans. Those benefactors derive real meaning in their lives from the opportunities offered to them. Also benefiting from this view and practice is the in-house “team”, which lives within a culture of generosity. One of the most remarkable aspects of the culture is a lack of territoriality. Another, which is interdependent, is a sense of cheerful generosity to each other. I’m sure this extends to their families and friends, thus lending a benefit to society as a whole. Of course, the almost unbelievable metrics of their work speaks for itself, but Jim and Scott give all the credit to others.

Jim D.

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This workshop was packed with so much useful information. It was also a paradigm shift for how we work with our donors.

2019 workshop participant

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As a participant in the Appreciative Philanthropy workshop n 2019, my expectations were met and beyond! It is clear that the message that Scott and Jim bring to the philanthropy conversation is well-timed and well-needed. It was a powerful exchange of ideas, conversation and was presented with great thought and just the right dose of ease and humor. Thank you for putting together a day that was memorable and will remain with me as an important influence as I speak with philanthropists, community members, non-profit leaders, and those who are eager to see the benefits of being involved in missions. My understanding and value of the donor-centered approach, in an authentic way, was underscored by the way Jim and Scott presented and involved all of us as the participants in this workshop of true learning. As I move forward in my own work delving greatly into the philanthropic community (of both mental and physical health), I can see such value in maintaining the approach Appreciative Philanthropy offers in sensitive yet critical exchanges, and with individuals who are poised to be involved with philanthropists. My gratitude to Jim Hodge and Scott Arthur for exploring and sharing with all of us a way of thinking that can only be beneficial.

Marilyn S.

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Jim and Scott are a dynamic duo. I enjoyed their humanity, humility, and their vulnerability.

2019 workshop participant

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Engaging, inspiring dialogue. The most useful mix of the philosophical, theoretical, and the practical.

2019 workshop participant